Refrigeration Tube

Copper ACR tube in coils or straight lengths remains the preferred choice by industries that are manufacturing refrigeration systems used in air conditioning units for residential and commercial buildings. ACR systems are also found in cold storage applications in grocery stores, air conditioning services and chemical and food processing – just to mention a few.

Copper tubing manufactured for refrigeration applications are required to meet a number of rigorous standards in order to ensure it is compatible with elevated pressure ratings, the introduction of new and modern refrigerants and the cleanliness required so as not to introduce any foreign contamination into a system.

As older, less environmentally-friendly and less efficient refrigerants are phased out, more efficient, ozone-friendly refrigerants are substituted. These new refrigerants operate at higher pressures and therefore the stakes have risen and greater guarantees and certifications are required.

Great Lakes Copper Ltd. uses a modern, environmentally friendly, aqueous degreasing system to achieve the ASTM B 280 cleanliness limit of less than 0.0035 g/sq. ft on interior surfaces. After degreasing, the straight lengths are deburred, purged with nitrogen and then plugged to retain cleanliness specifications.

When the pressure demand exceeds the tollerances of standard ACR copper tubing, XHP – copper/iron tube is also available.

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