Medical Gas Tubing

GL Plus™ pressurized ACR/Med copper tubing, from Great Lakes Copper Ltd., is available in 10,12, and 20 ft. lengths, and a variety of sizes, both Type L and Type K, is specially cleaned, deburred, purged and pressurized with nitrogen gas, and features easy to remove, installer friendly, form-fitting plugs.

Our ACR / MED GL PLUS™ products are specially cleaned in a non-solvent process to ensure we start with a degreased and oil-free surface. Tubes are then purged with Nitrogen to eliminate residual contaminants, and then plugged and Nitrogen pressurized to deliver a pristine product. You will know the product is pressurized when you hear the ‘pop’ when removing the plugs.

GL PLUS™ features soft form-fitting plugs to maintain a virtually contamination-free tube ID surface and a frustration-free plug removal.

Our plugs fit remarkably snug to the tubes ID surface yet do not require any special tools to remove. With GL PLUS™, you can be assured plugs are easy to remove without resorting to deforming the tubes ends or cutting into the copper to remove the plugs. This eliminates additional cleaning resulting from removing the plugs and provides the originally finished tube ends.

GL PLUS™ plugs have been tested to ensure they can hold pressure in the most extreme scenarios of transportation and storage. From -40 to plus 70 degrees, our product will maintain pressure on the road, in your warehouse or on the job site delivering a code-compliant, pressurized and purged product each time.

Sensitive environments transporting gaseous mixtures require carefully manufactured and specially cleaned copper tube to prevent contamination or risk in the application. Public arenas and Health Care environments such as hospitals and long-term care facilities all utilize Great Lakes Copper Ltd.’s medical gas products.

Great Lakes Copper Ltd. uses a modern, environmentally friendly, aqueous degreasing system to achieve the ASTM B 280 cleanliness limit of less than 0.0035 g/sq. ft on interior surfaces. After degreasing, the straight lengths are deburred, purged with nitrogen and then capped to retain cleanliness specs.
Common medical gases used with medical copper tube are: oxygen, nitrous oxide and nitrogen (compressed or vacuum). Great Lakes Copper Ltd.’s fabrication processes ensure all medical gas copper tube is handled, stored and shipped in ready-to-install condition.

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