Black Coated Line Sets

Introducing EZ-Roll Plus™ Black

EZ-Roll Plus™ Black is a seamless, factory-assembled insulated copper tube for use in air conditioning, refrigeration and HVAC applications.

Featuring a black polymeric protective coating, EZ-Roll Plus™ Black provides exceptional tear-resistance when being installed through or around rough contours, eliminating insulation repairs while providing additional layout options.

Available in standard line set configurations, ductless mini split and single line options, products are available to service all HVAC and refrigeration applications.

EZ-Roll Plus™ Black insulated copper tubing is the latest introduction from Great Lakes Copper LTD for line set, refrigeration and general HVAC applications. Proudly introducing EZ-Roll Plus™ Black, Great Lakes Copper LTD continues to bring forward new and innovative solutions to the challenges of tomorrow.

Proving to be its most distinct characteristic, the durability of the black coating is its most significant advantage, providing exception tear-resistance wherever it is installed. Traditional elastomeric insulation often becomes torn or removed entirely when it comes into contact with sharp or rough contours, often requiring on-site repair and contributing to a loss of efficiency in the system. EZ-Roll Plus™ Black has an exterior coating that can handle installations through rough concrete access points, through wooden joists or other rough surface conditions. Eliminating tears avoids repairs and saves you time.

The black coating also features UV and moisture-resistant qualities, securing against thermal losses and providing longevity when in direct contact with sunlight and UV rays. Due to its performance when exposed to direct sunlight, additional coating or painting is not required and the best recommended practice is to tape the ends where the insulation terminates to prevent foreign objects or moisture coming into contact with the bare copper line.

EZ-Roll Plus™ Black is available in standard line set configurations for residential or commercial air conditioning, dual-line insulated ductless mini split options for split heating or cooling systems and available as single line insulated options for dedicated thermal or cooling applications.

Insulation Specifications:

• UL/ULC S102 / S102.2 complaint
• 25/50 rated to ASTM E 84 (smoke & flame)
• UV weather resistance to ASTM G-154
• ASTM C-534
• 2012 / 2015 IECC
• Plenum Rated to IMC
• Rated operating temperature from 220F – 297F

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