Plumbing Tube

For residential and commercial plumbing and waterworks applications

Great Lakes Copper Ltd. manufactures a complete line of copper plumbing tube in types K, L, M, DWV and G/Gas for residential, commercial and specialty applications; in industry standard diameters; supplied in coil or straight length forms. Each tube is fabricated to meet the highest industry standards.

Seamless copper water tube (Alloy C12200) is certified by NSF to ANSI/NS Standard 61 for public water supplies. Water supplies with a PH level less than 6.5 may require corrosion control to limit the copper solubility in drinking water.

Great Lakes Copper Ltd. third-party certified tube is manufactured to meet all requirements of the current revision to the applicable American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specification. ASTM dimensions, and if necessary, weight tolerances are available upon request.

Plumbing tube from Great Lakes Copper can be joined using wrot copper fittings by soldering or by using flameless Press Fittings using a rechargeable crimp tool.

ACR / Med Tube
Factory Coated
Line Sets
Press Fittings
Refrigeration Valves
Wrot Copper Fittings