Industrial Tube

Original Equipment Manufacturers (or OEM’s) manufacture products that utilize copper tubing and further fabricate it into components for other products, such as air conditioners, water boilers, or for heat transfer-specific applications. OEM’s operate in many different markets including automotive, HVAC, marine, solar and plumbing – just to name a few.

Due to coppers excellent thermal transfer properties, it remains a critical component of home air conditioner systems, where the condensing unit in the air conditioner and the evaporator coil in the furnace allow the heat transfer to take place and provide homes with cool air.

Refrigeration warehouses or even in the freezer department in your local supermarket takes advantage of copper, using it to transfer a variety of refrigerants to keep produce cool or frozen items from thawing.

Industrial material is custom manufactured to meet the design specifications for the intended application. As such, these products are made-to-order items and can be specifically unique to a customer or a specific application. Our engineering department carefully reviews the drawings and technical requests from our customers to ensure the product requested meets our scope and ability to manufacture. These items will specify temper, outside and inside diameter, wall thickness, length, grain size, and can include specific packaging requirements to simplify processing once received.

Great Lakes Copper Ltd. manufactures seamless copper tube in level wound coils (LWC) with various pack sizes, manufactured to ASTM B743 regulations. A LWC is a large continuous tube wound in layers for practical unwinding as required for long-length applications. The LWC tube OD’s can be variable, depending on the size and quantity requested.

LWCs can be produced with or without reels and coil diameters can be customized to meet your requirements. Industrial products offered by Great Lakes Copper Ltd. also include straight length material, available to be manufactured in a wide range of lengths and diameters.


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